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I've decided to start a blog about doing little girls hair since it is something that I love and something that I do EVERY morning.
To begin, let me tell you a little about my family!
My husband and I have two kids. A seven-year-old son and a five year old daughter.

I had been doing hair professionally for quite awhile. However, when we moved to a different state temporarily, I didn't want to get a new state license for just a short amount of time. I decided to take a break from professional hair while we were here. My daughter, though, is the age where her hair is just the right thickness and length to do all kinds of fun stuff, so I keep my skills in practice. I always get the famous question "How did you do that?" from a lot of people, so I thought I'd share.

I started this blog to help those moms who have a hard time doing their little girls hair and need some easy tips and ideas to make their daughters look done up for school or church. I probably won't have many fancy things here, like some other great blogs out there have; this will show the more simple and easy ways that I find to get hair done. I will also have some hair tips every once in awhile that I personally use. If any of you have any tips or different ways that you do things, please comment; it REALLY helps!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cross braid

This hair-do I started and then thought hmm... I should take pictures of this one, cause I haven't done a post in a while. So this was a last minuet hair-do so the pictures aren't great but it's pretty easy.
I started with the zig zag part on the side 1/2 way on the head (I use the top of the ear to be a good stopping point) then I just flat french braided one side of it and braided most of the way down.
I did the same on the other side. (don't ya love how she draws and does her reading while I'm doing her hair?)
After that, I parted the rest of the hair in the back down the middle and made a pigtail adding the other side with it.
I did the same on the other side.  I figured out that it looks better if the braid is tightly pulled with the pigtail.
The cross is supposed to be a little to the side, if I had attached the braid tighter to the pigtail you would've been able to see it better. 
Then I braided the rest of the pigtails half way down. I like the looks of that because it will leave a cute curl at the bottom.
I obviously added some flowers but you could do a messy bun or just leave it down and put in some ribbons. I've done both and their both cute.
Side view
And the back
I've also had the part down the middle all the way down and had the criss cross even down the center, it's also cute, I just like to part on the side because I don't have to worry if it is center; it's a great thing when your short on time.

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