Hello all,

I've decided to start a blog about doing little girls hair since it is something that I love and something that I do EVERY morning.
To begin, let me tell you a little about my family!
My husband and I have two kids. A seven-year-old son and a five year old daughter.

I had been doing hair professionally for quite awhile. However, when we moved to a different state temporarily, I didn't want to get a new state license for just a short amount of time. I decided to take a break from professional hair while we were here. My daughter, though, is the age where her hair is just the right thickness and length to do all kinds of fun stuff, so I keep my skills in practice. I always get the famous question "How did you do that?" from a lot of people, so I thought I'd share.

I started this blog to help those moms who have a hard time doing their little girls hair and need some easy tips and ideas to make their daughters look done up for school or church. I probably won't have many fancy things here, like some other great blogs out there have; this will show the more simple and easy ways that I find to get hair done. I will also have some hair tips every once in awhile that I personally use. If any of you have any tips or different ways that you do things, please comment; it REALLY helps!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

3 row flips

This one is really easy and quick.  It took less then 10 min.
Basically just start with parting it in half from ear to ear.
Then part it in 3 triangles on the front half of hair.  Just leave the bottom half of hair tied off so it won't get in the way.
With each triangle section part in in three horizontal rows. Do a flip on each section adding the ponytail from the first flip to the next flip etc...
Do that on each side.  Try to part even on the 3 sections, I think it looks better and more even.
(Sorry that some of these pictures are fuzzy, sometimes I can't get my camera to work well with the lighting.)
Then part the bottom half in the middle to make pigtails and split the middle triangle ponytail in half and add  each half to the pigtails. Put in some bows or flowers and that's it.  I think it would also be cute with messy buns too.
This one holds up really well, sometimes I can get 2 days out of it.

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  1. Hello! New blog follower here - found you through BedBuggs Boutique Blog! Wonerful information - I have a three year old and doing her hair is a struggle - your blog is sooo helpful! I'm wondering if you can post a tutorial sometime on how to do a french braid? Keep up the great styles! I plan on practicing this summer so we'll be ready when preschool starts :)